Paper Publication

There are two formats for publishing papers: short paper format and standard paper format. Regardless of the chosen publication format, once your paper has undergone rigorous peer review and been accepted, it will be formally published in journal format to achieve the purpose of academic exchange and dissemination of results. Short paper publications are positioned at the forefront, while standard paper journals are more authoritative. You can autonomously choose the submission channel that suits your paper type and personal needs.

1. Short Paper Format


Accepted papers in the short paper format will be formally published in the form of a "Proceedings Paper" and included in the Resources Data Journal (ISSN 2758-1438). This journal has set up a special section for short papers for this conference. All accepted innovative short papers will be compiled and published after the conference to promote the exchange of innovative ideas and research dynamics.

2. Standard Paper Format


Accepted papers that comply with the standard paper format requirements will be formally published in the Geographical Research Bulletin (ISSN 2758-1446). This journal is a well-known comprehensive geography academic journal both domestically and internationally, and it is indexed in multiple important databases, exerting a certain influence in the academic community. Accepted papers need to be revised and improved according to the requirements of the journal before formal publication.

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