Text Presentation

Text presentations are in the form of extended abstracts, with the text limited to 1000 words. 1-2 simple illustrations can also be inserted to enhance expression. The arrangement could be as follows.

Introduction (Approximately 100 words)

- Briefly outline the research background and significance
- Identify the key issues addressed by this study
- Provide a summary introduction to the research methods or theoretical basis employed

Body (Approximately 600-700 words)

- Present the main content of the research point by point
- Emphasize innovations, key points, or findings
- Support arguments with specific facts such as data or case studies
- Ensure clear organization and logical coherence

Conclusion (Approximately 100-200 words)

- Summarize the theoretical value and practical significance of the research
- Acknowledge limitations and areas for further investigation
- Outline directions and plans for future related research

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