Video Presentation

Video presentations should be kept within 10-15 minutes. Specific aspects to consider include the following.

1. Content Selection

- Focus on the core content of the paper for video production.
- Select the most crucial and innovative parts of the paper for the video.
- Enhance persuasiveness by visually presenting experiment processes, field investigations, research subjects, etc.

2. Time Management

- Divide the video content into 3-4 segments, with each segment lasting 3-5 minutes.
- Briefly introduce the background and topic within the first minute.
- Concentrate on showcasing the core content in the middle section.
- Summarize the innovative points and significance within 1-2 minutes at the end.

3. Language Expression

- Keep the narration concise and refined.
- Incorporate lively and interesting metaphors or examples into the explanation.
- Pay attention to the fluency of speech and auditory experience.

4. Visual Production

- Ensure clear and smooth visuals with appropriate resolution.
- Maintain coherence and rhythm in transitions between scenes.
- Consider adding subtitles or annotations to assist in explanation.
- Choose appropriate background music that is neither overly grand nor noisy.

5. Technical Check

- Export the video in suitable formats such as MP4 to ensure smooth online playback.
- Compress files to moderate sizes for easy uploading and network transmission.
- Prepare alternative playback channels in case of any playback issues.

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